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Renting A Car in Mexico

The 14th-largest country in the world, Mexico has much more to offer beyond the well-known beach resorts such as Cancun. Its sheer size provides a traveller with many opportunities and a few challenges. Even if travelling on business, taking a few days to see some of the country is rewarding. There are many interesting places that tourist excursions or public transport don`t reach. You can have an adventure in out-of-the-way places, especially if your Spanish isn`t up to understanding the local street version. Having your own vehicle at your disposal can free you from many constraints. There are many places to hire a vehicle in Mexico, but a few points should be taken into account.

Vehicle Insurance
Your credit cards may provide some vehicle insurance if you use them to pay for car hire. This might seem tempting but quiz them on what exactly is covered and to what degree. In particular, check whether and to what extent it covers collision damage waiver, loss of use and third-party liability in Mexico. The latter can be particularly onerous as the guilty party in a traffic accident may be liable for the other party`s medical bills and also support for them and their dependants until they have recovered. You may find that the insurance offered by the vehicle-hire firm is a better deal since it will take account of local conditions and requirements.

Vehicle Type
It`s best to research what type of vehicle you might get. The vehicles available in the common hire-car categories may not be to the same specification as those you`re familiar with.

Driving Licence
Your own driving licence is usually acceptable as long as it has your photo. If it doesn`t, you`ll need some other form of photo ID, such as a passport, to go with it.

Driving Around
There are many toll roads in Mexico, often with free roads running alongside or close to them. The toll roads are much quicker, although the free ones often go through small towns and villages that may be worth seeing. Toll roads only accept payment in pesos, so carry some with you if you plan to use them.

You may find it more convenient to book your hire vehicle on the internet at home before travelling. Trying to hire a vehicle outside of the main centres can be challenging if your Spanish isn`t that good and the hire-car office`s personnel don`t speak English. You can also go through all of the choices available online and consider the options that suit you best.

If you are looking for car hire, Mexico has many options. Having your own vehicle provides many benefits for the traveller. Some research and a few simple preparations can go a long way to unlocking the rewards this fascinating country can offer


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