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The Governor's Welcome

The State of Quintana Roo

Carlos Joaquin, Governor of Quintana RooDistinguished visitor:

I give you the most cordial welcome to Quintana Roo, ancient land of culture and tradition, settlement of the generous Mayan culture of great vision and transcendence. Our white sand beaches and the turquoise blue of the Caribbean Sea will welcome you with their warmth and splendor, our culture and hospitality will accompany you during your visit.

We hope your vacations are pleasant, and that your visit will allow you to discover the benefits of Cozumel as a safe destination, surrounded by charming natural scenery and imposing archaeological remains.
Without a doubt, Cozumel is a magical destination to visit, enjoy and explore.

Enjoy your stay,

CP Carlos M. Joaquín González, Governor of the State of Quintana Roo

The Mayor's Welcome

The Municipality of Cozumel

Perla Tun, Mayor of CozumelI want to welcome you to Cuzamil, our beautiful paradise in the Mexican Caribbean, from now on feel at home and find in each warm greeting of our people, a new friend.

Cuzamil, our homeland has been privileged with history and traditions, as well as blue waters and unique species. I invite you to enjoy them, protect them and take care of them during your stay.

Our island has something special for each of our visitors, unique and impressive scenarios, which every year are the delight of thousands of triathletes in different international sporting events; a magical island endowed with a barrier reef full of life and colors, positioning us among the first places in the world in diving. In addition, Isla Cozumel plays a key role in the history of our region and Mexico. History and culture that are there, ready to be rediscovered through our emblematic archaeological sites such as San Gervasio, Punta Sur, El Cedral, and many more.

Cozumel is sport, it's nature, it's history, it's its own people, but above all, Isla Cozumel is a town proud of its essence.
I am Perla Tun, and on behalf of our people I welcome you to Cozumel, to our home that welcomes you today with its doors open.

Make your stay a unique life experience.

Perla Cecilia Tun Pech,
Municipal President of Cozumel

The Cozumel Hotel Association Welcomes You

The Cozumel Hotel Association

Carlos Joaquin, Governor of Quintana RooWelcome to Cozumel! On behalf of the Cozumel Hotel Association I would like to give you a warm welcome. I hope you experience the variety of activities and experiences in close contact with nature and the underwater world that our charming island offers. We also have various sports that range from biking by the sea to fly-boarding and kite-surfing. You can also discover the magic that Ix Chel, the goddess of fertility, has given to Cozumel and the rich culture of the island.

In this guide you will find useful information that will help you take advantage of your holidays. We hope you live a unique and memorable experience and that you feel at home every time you come back to Cozumel.

Marcos Rojas, President of the Cozumel Hotel Association

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