Casa Denis Restaurant in Cozumel
Casa Denis In Cozumel

Established in 1945. Doña Juanita and Don Denis prepared the endowments of sweets that would be sold in primary school. Pots of empanadas (turnovers) and sweets were carried during recess and thus began a gastronomic tradition of the family of Don Denis and Juanita Angulo, natives of Cozumel. At this time, the restaurant, Casa Denis, was already recognized as one of the best in the entire Yucatan Peninsula. Many tourists already visited the establishment. Reservation were required one night in advance and only 30 guests were served due to the limitations of the garden.

Denis and Juanita Angulo pass away, leaving a family legacy and a culinary tradition that to date is handled with love and passion by the Angulo family, offering a variety of original dishes of Yucatecan, Mexican and seafood cuisine.