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With a wide variety of merchandise ranging from beautifully crafted textiles, Mexican handcrafts, fine diamonds, sterling silver jewelry to duty-free perfumes and watches, you are sure to find the perfect gift at one of the many shops found in the Island.

When you are ready for a break from the sun and surf, stroll through the shops in Historic Downtown Cozumel. Walking the famous waterfront “Malecón” (sea wall) is a delightful experience. From an embroidered shirt to one-of-a-kind jewelry, Cozumel’s shops and boutiques offer excellent selection and value downtown. You will see a wide array of items, including china and crystal, and collectibles.

If you shop carefully, you will find that prices on jewelry fashioned with Mexican silver and turquoise are very reasonable. When buying sterling silver, always make sure you see .925 stamped on the item. Gold items should be stamped with a set of two numbers and two letters (in any combination). Textiles are another important product and show Mexico’s geographic and cultural diversity. Traditional Maya dresses and shawls, as well as men’s embroidered cotton shirts and tightly woven Panama hats, are representative of the states in the Yucatan Peninsula, including the State of Quintana Roo. Hammocks are also an essential part of life in the region and are available in a wide array of color combinations and fabrics. Leather goods reflect Mexico’s proud tradition of fine craftsmanship and its high quality.

Reproductions of ancient native handcrafts, including jewelry, stone carvings, wooden masks and semiprecious-stone sculptures make wonderful souvenirs. You’ll also find colonial-style items such as filigree jewelry, lacework and wood furniture. Interesting objects crafted from onyx, one of Mexico’s major exports, are widely available as well. Be sure to check out the vast selection of pottery in Cozumel’s stores including everything from unglazed clay pieces to beautiful stoneware crockery.

  • Milano Diamond Gallery in Cozumel

    Milano Diamond Gallery

    Your gateway to the world of fine jewelry is right here in Cozumel. Milano Diamond Gallery offers amazing values on the world’s most precious gems and diamond jewelry. You will find the best possible prices on diamonds and the richest colors of gemstones from around the world at Milano Diamond …

  • Los Cinco Soles in Cozumel

    Los Cinco Soles

    You’d be forgiven for thinking Los Cinco Soles is a gallery for the finest handmade Mexican art but, in fact, it is an intriguing gift shop. A world of Mexican wonders. As you delve deeper into the showrooms and galleries, you’ll discover a collection of genuine silver jewelry, exquisite ceramics, …

  • EFFY Jewelry in Cozumel

    EFFY Jewelry

    In 1979, Effy Hematian founded a family-run company in New York City that has become one of the industry’s most respected sources for exquisite fine jewelry. As a professionally trained engineer, his passion for superb design and craftsmanship shine in everything Effy makes. In particular, Effy is renowned for the …