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  • Download the Cozumel Visitors Guide

    Download the Guide

    Take your time and go through this guide. Then get ready to explore the island and all it has to offer. But first, don’t forget to download the interactive guide. Cozumel has lots of remote areas without internet service. Don’t miss a thing and always be in-the-know. Only the best …

  • Map of Historic Downtown Isla Cozumel

    Map of Historic Downtown Isla Cozumel

    You’ll find lots to do in Historic Downtown Cozumel. Nearly all the shops, restaurants and monuments are located here on the “Malecon”, the waterfront street. You’ll also find the ferry pier to Playa del Carmen, movie theaters, the island museum and the main square with the original clock tower from …

  • Map of Isla Cozumel

    Map of Isla Cozumel

    In order to really get to know Cozumel, you’ll have to venture out into the island. Taking a tour is often the best way to get to the MUST SEE locations, renting a car and driving around the island is also a great experience.

  • Bay Adventures to Cozumel

    Bay Adventures

    Wishing everyone a warm welcome to Isla Cozumel! Bay Adventures specializes in dive and vacation travel to Cozumel and six other Caribbean destinations, and offers a wide range of accommodations, SCUBA diving, and airfare to the islands – everything for a great vacation package! They’re staffed by travel professionals, all …

  • Chacmoll in Cozumel

    The Island and its History

    Cozumel (Mayan for Island of Swallows) is located in the Caribbean Sea off the eastern coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. It is one of the eight municipalities of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. The Maya Civilization The Maya are believed to have settled Cozumel by the early part of …

  • oarsmen and women crossing the deep blue water between Xcaret and Cozumel

    The Sacred Maya Journey

    The ‘Sacred Maya Crossing’ is a yearly event that takes place in May or June. Hundreds of oarsmen and women participate in Mayan dugout canoes, paddle from the mainland to Cozumel and back. The two-day event recreates ancient ritual pilgrimages undertaken by the original inhabitants of Yucatán to Polé (Xcaret) …

  • Diver's Monument in Cozumel

    Welcome to an Island of Simple Pleasures

    An island of simple pleasures and thrilling adventure, Cozumel is a paradise where tradition, flavor and joy come together. The ancient ruins of the Mayan civilization, the world-renowned dive sites, the beautiful white beaches, turquoise waters, great restaurants and exotic locale will make your stay here an unforgettable one. Let …